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5 cocktails I’ll be drinking this Aussie summer!

Plus, winner of the Australian Rum Awards!

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Hey all 👋

Kat here (Steve’s other half) taking over your inbox this week! Today’s newsletter will be short and sweet but contain plenty of great cocktails for you to try! 😁

Summer is upon us here in Australia (think 38 degree/100 Fahrenheit days full of sweat, sand and sunscreen) and Steve wanted to make use of our beautiful seasonal fruit such as passion fruit, mango and fresh mint. These cocktails are what we’ll be drinking over the summer holidays, making sure there’s enough for friends and family!

Even though it might be chilly in your neck of the woods, nothing is stopping you from sipping on these tasty beverages all year round.

In our latest video, Steve created a range of refreshing and delicious cocktails perfect for summer (shout out to Brix Rum for sending us a 6-pack of RUM!). It’s worth noting the Mango Rum we used in the Mango Mojito took out a gold medal at the Australian Rum Awards!

Like you needed another reason to add this to your “to try” list!

Stay safe and hope you have a fab week!

Steve Kat the Bartender

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