Coffee Enzoni Cocktail Recipe

Plus, best rums for beginners!

Coffee Enzoni

The Enzoni is a personal favorite of mine. I first shared it in 2020 and the video has received almost 700,000 views (other people clearly love it too!). I also featured it more recently in my top 3 cocktails video a few weeks ago before stumbling across a caffeinated version. I knew I had to try it immediately!

The Coffee Enzoni is a pretty straight forward variation on the original Enzoni with the use of black grapes instead of green, and the addition of coffee liqueur. Whilst the original Enzoni is bright and bitter, the Coffee Enzoni is dark, rich and brooding.

It’s definitely worth trying if you like bitter drinks or coffee.

Feeling the Love!

Thanks for everyone that was able to make the live Master Classic Cocktails workshop on the weekend. I appreciate the kind words from those that have already taken the time to leave feedback! (view feedback)

For those that were interested but unable to make it, the workshop is now available on-demand and still includes the bonus Classic Cocktail digital book.

Channel: The Rum Revival

I’ve been watching a few of Arminder’s videos recently, and they’re excellent. His channel is focused on rum - how they taste, about the producers, and the places they’re from. He’s an excellent host and a great source for anything rum related. His Best Rums for Beginners is a great video to start with.

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