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In today’s issue I will be:

  • unveiling my favourite old fashioned recipe from my recent live stream,

  • sharing the latest cocktail trend you need to try and,

  • how you can get access to my cocktail course for free.


I’ve been avoiding live streams for way too long as I always preferred editing my videos but the more I go live, the more I enjoy it. You can watch my latest live stream here: Friday Night Drinks: The Old Fashioned. It’s fairly long but you can always increase the playback speed on YouTube (I love this hack!)

I compared three old fashioned variations alongside the classic; Monte Carlo, Highlander, The Rebbenack (view recipes here). The Monte Carlo was my favourite of the day, featuring rye whiskey, Benedictine (a French herbal liqueur) and Angostura bitters, finished with a lemon twist. Simple but I really enjoyed the sweet herbal note. It also goes to show how flexible the old fashioned is as a template - simply substitute the sweetener with a liqueur you have on hand.


Amchur is a powder made from unripe green mangoes and is commonly used in Indian cooking, adding sour notes with a lingering sweetness. The team from Pijja Palace (an Indian Sports Bar in LA) have been incorporating unique Indian ingredients into their drinks (view drinks menu).

The Royal Treatment is one of their unique creations featuring the amchur (green mango powder). The full recipe contains quite a few steps but it’s composed of mango lassi mix (mango flavoured yoghurt drink), mezcal and bitters. View Recipe.

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