How to Make Better Frozen Cocktails

I stole this hack from Starbucks!

Off to a big start this week with the first spirit run on our brand new still. After waiting 6 months for production and delivery, it’s final producing Threefold gin! This is a huge milestone for us and gets us that one step closer to being able to distribute our range of gins throughout the world. Last week we also took home a number of awards at the Australian Gin Awards (two gold and a silver medal).

I’ll be in Sydney for Junipalooza at the end of this month if anyone wants to swing past for a cheeky gin tasting and a catch up!


This is a must watch if you enjoy frozen cocktails. I’ve outlined 3 key things you need to implement when making a frozen drink to ensure the flavour stands up, the texture is spot on and you don’t end up with a watery mess. There’s one particular trick that was stolen straight from Starbucks!



Microwave your cocktails??

Ryan Chetiyawardana (a.k.a Mr Lyan) is one of the most innovative bartenders within the industry. He’s been involved with some of the world’s best bars, won the title of UK’s Best Bartender twice and International Bartender of the Year!

Ryan has written several books but it is the Nuked Negroni from his first book that is his personal favourite. It is also one of the most replicated, perhaps due to the accessibility of the unorthodox piece of equipment used to make the drink—a microwave. A huge shift from the usual high end and inaccessible equipment that he often uses. A quick 3 minute blast in the microwave infuses his negroni with blackberries, grapefruit and rosemary.


I purchased these measuring spoons a few weeks back and they’re really great quality, and incredibly handy to have behind the bar and in the kitchen.


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