The NEW way to make orgeat at home

Plus, 7 St-Germain cocktails you should try

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What’s the big secret!?

I discovered a NEW way to make better orgeat at home.

No more blanching or toasting almonds. It literally takes a few minutes to whip up a 500ml batch which is enough for up to 33 Mai Tais.

The secret? Almond milk concentrate. Check out the video to see how…

Elderflower liqueur 7 ways.

St-Germain is known as “bartender’s ketchup” meaning that it’s so versatile.

You can try adding it to a collins. Or maybe a margarita. It turns everything it touches to gold!

Well, not quite… but it is a fantastic ingredient to play around with. It’s sweet, floral and tastes like pear & honeysuckle.

I’ve shared some St-Germain cocktails previously, featuring some of the more well known drinks using the elderflower liqueur (watch here) but this time I wanted to showcase some more of the obscure recipes I’ve come across. Check out the video below…

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