Making Japanese-inspired Cocktails

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Do you know how to make the ULTIMATE whisky highball? I’m going to unpack the 5 simple steps to ensure you have the PERFECTLY carbonated highball.

Let’s talk about…

  • using Japanese ingredients to make tasty drinks,

  • the guide to perfectly carbonated highballs,

  • and your last chance to transform your cocktails.


Have you ever seen a Japanese bartender at work?

Every movement is deliberate. They are meticulous. It’s an art form. It’s incredible just watching them work.

JQWS sent me a handful of Japanese ingredients to use in my latest video. I’m not at the calibre of a Japanese bartender and my approach is a little more casual but the drinks were tasty!

My favourites?

  1. The Hojicha Boulevardier incorporates a Japanese green tea called Hojicha, imparting subtle smoky and nutty characters to the classic cocktail.

  2. Umeshu Highball for its simplicity. Mix it with soda or tonic for a low abv sipper.

Looking for Japanese bottles? Check out JQWS.


Carbonated drinks like cold temperatures. If everything is cold then the better the bubble retention, so the key to the perfect highball is pretty simple.

  1. Chill your glass and ingredients (including the whisky)

  2. Use quality ice such as 1.25” cubes from a Tovolo ice mould

  3. Add whiskey, ice then gently pour the soda water down the side of the glass

  4. Gently stir to combine the ingredients

  5. Express lemon oils over the top and discard

Remember to keep everything cold and minimise agitation to retain carbonation.

Club soda water has mineral salts added to it so if you carbonate your own water (seltzer) consider adding a small pinch of salt to ‘season’ your highball.


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