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What’s new this week?

The cocktail course has found a home! The platform allows me to host live events and create a community for conversing and collaborating with other members - think of it like a Facebook group on steroids! I’m very excited to host monthly cocktail challenges (with prizes), events (live streams) and I’m currently in discussions with numerous brands to share exclusive discounts on books, bottles, barware, syrups, etc.

I’ll be hosting my monthly Patreon Friday Night Drinks this weekend and the Old Fashioned will be the featured cocktail. You can join me in comparing four variations including a classic, Monte Carlo (with Benedictine), Highlander (blended Scotch + Cherry Heering) and The Rebbenack (with Amaro Averna + Clement Creole Shrubb). This is a Patreon exclusive live stream. If you are interested in joining, you can join via my Patreon for as little as $1.

I’ll announce more details about the course and community platform in the coming weeks…

Do you prefer rye or bourbon in your Old Fashioneds?

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New Cocktail Community coming soon…

5 Tips to Make a Better Old Fashioned

I somehow managed to squeeze 5 tips into this 1:24 min video! Definitely worth a watch to make sure you’re making epic Old Fashioneds.

  1. Try them with a less refined sugar (ie. demerara sugar)

  2. Use a higher proof whiskey (ie. 50% / 100 proof)

  3. Don’t hold back on the bitters!

  4. Pour it over a nice big cube

  5. Express the oils over the top (orange works well with bourbon, lemon works well with rye, or use both!)

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Add Some Smoke to your Cocktails!

Adding smoke to a cocktail is a surprisingly simple way to add a whole new dimension of flavour and aroma, and it’s also a pretty cool party trick!

The most affordable option is the wooden smoke tops, although some are surprisingly pricey. Here’s the low down of the best options:

Otherwise, you can go all out with a PolyScience Smoking Gun and glass cloche. If you plan on smoking cocktails often, this is a great option - but expensive for the casual cocktail smoker.

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