Long Island Iced Tea... But Better!

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As everyone must know, YouTube has been pushing short form videos hard on the platform to compete with other platforms such as Tik Tok. Now I’m not a big fan of Tik Tok (yes, I’m old) so it took a while before I reluctantly started uploading shorts. When I first started I debated whether to start a new channel or upload on the existing channel and, in hindsight, I made the wrong decision by uploading to my main channel.

I’ve heard from other creators, and felt myself, that short form videos have cannibalised the long form content on the channel (people get pushed to watch short form, they’re easy to consume and over time the algorithm stops suggesting long form content). YouTube management have expressed the same concerns too.

Anywho, where am I going with this? I recently posted a poll on my YouTube community and discovered that the majority of people were either happy or not bothered if I were to delete all the shorts from the channel. And it seemed the small portion of people that did mind, were mainly concerned about the videos that are linked to my cocktail book via QR codes, thinking that they would no longer be available (which wouldn’t be the case). Those videos will ALWAYS be accessible via the QR codes in the book.

Do you like short form videos on YouTube?

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I’ve published a couple Long Island Iced Tea videos in 2017 and 2019 which now have a combined view count of almost 3 million 🤯 so I thought it was about time I shared an improved version. There’s a few key changes but one main ingredient that makes this LIIT pop!



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