Mexican Firing Squad Cocktail Recipe

Plus, 30 tequilas ranked and compared!

Mexican Firing Squad

This is another one of those drinks that has been sitting on my to do list for waaay too long.

The OG recipe that was featured in The Gentleman’s Companion: The Exotic Drinking Book by Charles H. Baker was quite different to the version of today. It called for 2 jiggers of tequila, the juice of 2 small limes (an inconsistent measurement!), 1.5-2 teaspoons (1/3 oz) of grenadine and 2 dashes of Angostura bitters. Whilst the most common recipe today follows the classic sour template. (2 oz / 0.75 oz / 0.75 oz).

The drink is bright, tart and strongly dependent on using a good quality grenadine so don’t skimp out here. Make it at home or grab yourself a bottle of Liber & Co. (if you’re in the US).

Emulsify those egg whites!

Dry shaking is a technique used to emulsify egg whites. It requires a quick 5 second shake without ice to combine the ingredients, break apart the proteins, and introduce additional aeration to a cocktail. You should be using this technique any time a cocktail calls for egg white.

But, have you ever gone to dry shake a cocktail with egg white and ended up with exploding tins or sticky cocktail running down the side of your tins? Then you’ll love this neat little trick that stops the need for dry shaking altogether.

Use an inexpensive rechargeable milk frother instead of dry shaking.

It’s simple but genius.

p.s. I stole this from Kevin Kos. You can check out his video below.

Tequila with Lui Fernandes

Last week I jumped on a call with Leandro (The Educated Barfly) and Lui Fernandes for one of their upcoming podcast episodes.

Before we knew it 2 hours had passed and Marius had to kick me off the podcast… 😂 The episode will be dropping soon so stay tuned and make sure you subscribe to the podcast 👉 Behind the Stick.

Considering I just made the Mexican Firing Squad, you might be wondering what bottle of tequila you should grab from the store… Lui knows his stuff, especially when it comes to tequila. In his 2nd most viewed video on YouTube he tastes and ranks 30 tequilas. It’s well worth watching as there are a tonne of great insights, especially if you're new to the world of tequila. Check it out below.

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