Put this JUICY Cocktail in Your Mouth

And testing out a coconut & coffee negroni.

I found myself a little thirsty the other night but wanted to try something new so I used the ol' Mr Potato technique to whip myself up a quick Negroni.

Coconut & Coffee Negroni.

Alternatively, you could substitute the coconut gin for a coconut rum, such as Koloa coconut rum.

By no means is it a perfect drink BUT it is a great starting point and all I did was use a simple technique of substituting similar ingredients... I replaced a dry gin with coconut gin (slightly lower ABV + sweetened) and replaced some of the Campari and sweet vermouth with coffee liqueur (which is bittersweet).

More on this technique in the tip below!


Time for Jason O'Bryan's JUICY version of a Paper Plane! It wasn't until after it's creation that Jason realised it had some similarities to the Sam Ross' well known modern classic cocktail. It's far juicier and works best served on a rock. This one is a winner, check it out:


Creating your own unique cocktail doesn't need to be difficult. A great technique you can use to make new drinks is by using the Mr. Potato Head method, which is often attributed to Phil Ward (or at least the terminology is).

“That’s pretty much my theory on making cocktails, it’s Mr. Potato Head. My theory is that every template of a good drink is a blueprint for other good drinks so you just take it apart and put it back together.”

It's pretty simple. Find a cocktail you love and sub 1 or 2 ingredients to make a totally new drink. Here are some examples of possible uses of this technique:

These subtle tweaks with similar ingredients (ie. spirit for spirit, herbal liqueur for herbal liqueur, etc.) make completely new drinks. You need to be mindful of the balance but of course you can always tweak it after your first attempt.

Have you used this technique? Let me know what you made!


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