My New $100,000 Copper Gin Still

And frozen gin drinks!

Last Thursday a truck pulled up to our distillery roller door. Pulling back the heavy vinyl curtains revealed our shiny new 800 litre copper still. It's finally time to replace our old still after 3.5 years of making it work overtime, running it twice a day five days per week. You can see our poor old still in the bottom right corner of the below photo. The new still enables us to become much more efficient and get that one step closer to exporting (I know many of you are eager to acquire a bottle but can't yet).

This is a huge milestone for the team and I so I couldn't resist showing off our shiny new toy.. 😁


This week's video isn't ready to publish so I have to dive into the archives! Given that it's pretty warm in many parts of the states, I thought ya'll might be interested in a frozen gin drink :) I'll be sharing a few more frozen drinks on the channel soon too, despite it being freezing here in Adelaide!



Xanthum gum is a common food additive that can be purchased at the grocery store. It acts as a thickening agent, emulsifier, and stabiliser that prevents ingredients from separating. It's the not-so-secret ingredient that Starbucks use in their frozen drinks to add texture and prevent separation.

Simply add ΒΌ teaspoon of xantham gum to your drink / blender to elevate your frozen drinks! I was quite impressed with the results after making a Frozen Strawberry Negroni. The technique was shared in Garret Richard's book, Tropical Standard.


A HUGE thank you and shout out goes to our newest Patreon supporters!

Brad Bossio, Emma Schmeidler, James DuHadaway, Toke Lund, Kate Annells, Alexander Kornell, Dan Jones, Gloria Inman, Alicia Vose, Chris Wiggins, Anya Frammolino and Jeff Giblin!

As always, I appreciate the support and hope to catch you all in the upcoming Friday Night Drinks live stream (Margarita Night!)


Steve the Bartender

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