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Easy 3-ingredient Scotch whisky cocktail (must try)

Plus, more simple cocktails to make at home!

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An easy 3-ingredient Scotch whisky cocktail

I stumbled across this Scotch whisky cocktail on Punch Drink and was somewhat baffled that this simple drink had not been created before. Although it does share similarities to the Frisco Sour (rye, benedictine + lemon). Respected Japanese bartender, Daisuke Ito, only created this cocktail in recent years. Daisuke enjoys refining the classics and creating accessible drinks (much like myself).

The Pantheon cocktail works with any choice of Scotch whisky. I chose to use the sweet and subtly smokey Monkey Shoulder (which is a great blended Scotch whisky for mixing). The dried fruit and spice notes pair perfectly with the honeyed herbal spice of Benedictine.

Don’t have a bottle of Benedictine on your shelf?? Then you should really grab a bottle! It’s one of my favourite liqueurs to use.

7 x Simple cocktails in less than 7 mins

A few years back I shared a compilation of 7 easy drinks that are ideal for entertaining. No fuss cocktails that you can mix up on the fly so you don’t have to spend your evening behind the bar whilst you have guests over.

My favourite of the 7?

It has to be the Garibaldi. Make sure you fluff it up!

What’s your favourite simple drink to make?

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