This Cocktail is 10x Better than Before!

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Our first Friday Night Drinks was a success! A great opportunity to catch up with Patreon crew whilst running through a Daiquiri comparison. It was the first time getting Kat on camera and needless to say, convincing her to drink Daiquiris at 10am on a Saturday was just as easy as I expected. We'll be adding more times that will be suitable for people outside of the US too.

We did a side by side Daiquiri comparison with the same specs - comparing Flor de Cana 4, Havana Club 3, Plantation 3 Star and Veritas rums. What was the verdict? Plantation was a unanimous winner! We're both very much looking forward to doing more live streams in the near future.

Stay tuned!


I first shared the Surfer on Acid over 3 years ago. The video blew up... my initial reaction when tasting the drink was that it was missing a little something.. missing some acid. So, it's about time I revisited this drink. This version is far better than the last one that was featured on the channel!



Japanese dasher bottles. I don't know where these bottles have been all my life. I've seen them being used but have never made the effort to get some. The team from A Bar Above sent me some recently and I used them for the first time in my upcoming Bourbon Renewal video and they are game changers! The dash produced from this style of dasher bottle is far more consistent than any Angostura or other stock bitters bottle.

Keep in mind that the dashes produced are approximately 1/3 of a "standard dash" so if you make a drink that requires 3 dashes, you'll need to use 9 dashes with a Japanese style dasher bottle.

I highly recommend using them.


The man behind Italicus, Giuseppe Gallo, released another Italian aperitivo a few years back but I only tried it for the first time recently. Savoia Americano is like the cross between Campari and sweet vermouth. It's less bitter and sweeter than Campari whilst featuring notes from bitter orange and bergamot. It works well in countless classic cocktails that call for sweet vermouth.

(Full disclosure - I have worked with both Savoia and Italicus previously)

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