The Best Amaretto Sour (in the World)

Plus, learn to Master Classic Cocktails!

The World’s Best Amaretto Sour

The Amaretto Sour is another 80s cocktail that often gets a bad rep. And, rightly so when it’s made like this 🤣🤣

Portland bartender and author, Jeffrey Morgenthaler, saved the drink's reputation by reintroducing fresh ingredients and adding in a cask-strength bourbon whiskey. Amaretto liqueur is too sweet and weak on its own, so the higher-strength whiskey adds proof, cutting back it's sweetness, whilst the fresh egg white adds a velvety texture.

I took it one step further and tested out 3 of the big name amaretto brands to find out which one works best in an Amaretto Sour. The results were surprising! Find out my favorite here.

Master Classic Cocktails

I want to help you master the essential classic cocktails, faster and easier.

I’m hosting a live and interactive workshop containing my years of experience and insights into making classic cocktails.

It would have saved me so much time and money had I undertaken a workshop such as this when I was getting started.

In 90 minutes you’ll:
- Learn the secrets to mastering the essential classic cocktails with pro tips and tricks
- Discover common pitfalls that could be holding you back when making cocktails
- Understand cocktail templates to ensure perfect balance, flavour, and presentation
- Become a cocktail pro by crafting beautiful and delicious classic cocktails

You’ll also receive:
- A comprehensive cocktail recipe book. The digital book includes 25+ cocktail recipes (classics and variations), full page photos, recommended bottles and ingredients, tips and tricks.
- Access to a live Q&A session hosted immediately after the workshop (available to early birds only)

Discounted early bird tickets are available for you, but the workshop goes live in less than 48 hours! So, if you want access to my cocktail workshop that launches on the 10th of May (click here to find out your local date/time), then click this link and don’t miss out!

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